Ever wake up one day and decide that your life is in need of some companionship? Perhaps a furry dog, or a small kitten to help those days of isolation and crippling sadness seem more bearable! Well jokes on you because what we’re about to show is something even more exciting and exhilarating than that push-over you call a pet. These 6 people on our list will definitely do it justice by showing off the living examples of exotic wildlife that they keep around as companions. But let it be known that these kinds of pets are labelled as uncommon for a reason, namely that being their owners can certainly have unforeseen repercussions and more importantly; have their own set of rules and standards to be kept up with when handling them in the confines of your own home. Do it at your own expense! 


5. Kyle the Goose

instagram: kylethegoose

While not necessarily like the others on our list, this animal qualifies purely for the circumstances of how it was found and raised. Abandoned as a gosling, “Kyle” was found by his eventual owner who would then take him under his wing to be raised and cared for until he could grow older and learn to survive on his own. But even after growing to a full adult female (don’t be fooled by the name), Kyle would often pay visits to his original caretaker whenever he took the boat out to the lake. Goes to show that budding friendships can sprout in the most random of places.


4. Bon-Chan the Giant African Tortoise 

source: NDTV

If you think walking your dog is a chore, imagine how much of one it would be if your dog walked 0.23 miles per hour! Such is the case for Japanese man Hisao Mitani, who doesn’t seem to mind the daily walks with his pet tortoise. Given to him as a gift from his wife 20+ years ago, the small tortoise soon outgrew his original enclosure and Mitani had to have a box custom built to hold him. The turtle, aptly named Bon-Chan is taken out for walks on a daily basis which can last up to 1 and a half hours per day!


3. The Capybara Couple

source: Dailymail.co.uk

When one thinks rodents, they more often than not are thinking of those scurrying mice you see fondling through the dumpsters behind your local YMCA. But that isn’t the case for this Texan couple who fell in love with one particular kind of rodent during a holiday in Venezuela. The decision to adopt Gary the Capybara was something that came of chance when Melanie Typaldos took a fondness for semi-aquatic mammals. As a result, the whopping 8-stone ball of fur came to be in the care of the Texan family who are so affectionate of it that they even let it sleep with them in their bed!


2. The Backyard Bengal 

A worthy runner up to our list is a man who takes cat ownership to a whole other level. Abdullah has raised Mulan since she was only 3 months old, forming an inseparable bond that seems to grow stronger as the days go by. We did a short video on this in April that showcases his escapades with the wild cat. When one takes a single glance at the creature, it is easy to be frightened by her formidable and ferocious demeanour. But upon viewing the budding relationship she has with her caretaker; she is at heart just a playful feline much like any other pet… as rough as it may appear to nervous onlookers!


1. Alligator Lady of Florida 

source: twitter

Although reptiles are not a new type of pet to have in your home, Florida local Mary Thorn ramps it up further by having a fully grown alligator! A former rescue, the alligator modestly named Rambo had begun its humble beginnings as a foot long hatchling, which Thorn had rescued in 2009. Although menacing in its nature, Thorn claims that Rambo has a very stoic yet playful “dog-like” behaviour, eating at dinner tables, sleeping with her in bed, as well as basically following her around wherever she goes. If the picture didn’t offer a hint, Rambo also occasionally takes the ATV out for a spin whenever it wants some fresh air!


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Author: Gerald Wan Anyi 

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