Hungry for a snack? You can now fulfill your huge appetite by eating this delicious and giant sesame ball in Tokyo, Japan. This restaurant ‘Maradaigaku’ serves different kinds of Chinese cuisine but their most famous food in their menu is this huge ball of snack. If you’re planning to go there and order this unique fried treat, make sure you tell the waiter you want the ‘Golden Crystal’! This restaurant is perfect for students who are near the Masashi University Ueno branch and it’s also #instagrammable for those who wants to grab a quick snap of this amazing dish.

In Japan, this Chinese dish is called Goma Dango or also known as the Sesame Dumpling. The sesame dumpling pastry is coasted with sesame seeds on the outside which is very crispy and chewy. Inside the pastry is a large hollow which was caused by the expansion of the dough. It starts as a small dough ball but once it’s deep fried, it will puff up into the oversized rice cracker-like rice ball. It is often sold at street fairs, in Chinese districts or at various restaurants just like this one.

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