Looking for some takeout? Or perhaps crazing for an impressionable dining experience? No longer are the bleak T.G.I Friday dinners and the lunches at Chillis, as we here at dailyWOW present to you (yes, you) some of the most out-of-the-ordinary dining and food experiences restaurenteurs from around the world have to offer. From the mountains of China to the depths of the Indian ocean, here are 6 awesome restaurants that you should look out for on your next grand expedition out into the world. Starting with number 6….


5. Singapore Flyer Sky Dining

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That classic teen movie cliche of going on a ferris wheel date could not get any better with Singapore’s Sky Flyer; especially when they even offer a 4 course menu! That’s right, this full package comes with both the sights and views that one would expect from 165 meters in the air, along with the amazing courses of meals that span from Western to Asian cuisine. Assuming that you are well prepared for heights, the journey should most likely go along smoothly—so long as you don’t catch any queasiness or nausea from the moving gondola!


4. The Ninja Restaurant in New York City

Perhaps if you’re going for a more traditional dining experience, why not try Ninja in New York city. Aptly named after its traditional Japanese themed decor and cuisine, the restaurant also offers a rather unique experience compared to your average Sushi restaurant. Being that of all the Ninjas (the actual waiters, by the way) are a little too into their character. Don’t be surprised that upon having a second bite of that delicious ebi tempura, one of these waiters decides to pull a crouching-tiger-hidden-dragon battlecry while waving a katana. Essentially, the restaurant acts almost like a halloween scream house with loud, shouting waiters replacing the boogeymen and Feudal Japanese decor replacing the ghoulish decorations. Neat!


3. The Lockup (Prison Restaurant)

source: Reddit

This entry probably has you feeling a little more out of control than the rest, with its primary selling point being that of its prison theme. The Lockup, located in Tokyo (1 out of 3 branches in total, by the way) has a very interesting appearance on the get go, with customers being treated to a brutally honest standard of what it would be like in an actual jail cell. First, customers are handcuffed (if its multiple people in a group, then only one gets cuffed) and led down a dark, brooding hallway to their “cell”; esssentially their dining table. Ordering food comes tricky as well, with the entire food menu being completely themed as well. Examples of dishes include the “Zombie Entrails Yaki” and “Prison Chicken Black”. During dinner service, the restaurant also puts on a show where the entire dining room floor has a scripted electricity blackout—followed by workers in monster costumes beginning to roam the halls and cells for the purposes of scaring any poor fool unlucky enough to look them in the eye. Overall, a very unique (albeit terrifying) experience!


2. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

source: Flickr

Need some voyeurism in your life? No? Well too bad! This restaurant offers a view into the depths of the ocean through a truly remarkable and breathtaking feat of design and architecture; being that of an actual dining room placed underwater! Located in Maldives (specifically, along the shore of Conrad Rangali Islands), the dining experience allows customers to enjoy the beautiful sights of the ocean, essentially placing individuals a few feet away from living sharks, fish, and coral. The natural rays of light that shine down upon you through the water above also offers a beautiful pattern of wiggling water all across the dining room area, giving off the impression that one is literally enjoying dinner at the bottom of the sea floor. Definitely worth checking it out (if you have the money of course!).


1. Fangweng Restaurant

Remember when we mentioned earlier in the ferris wheel entry that you’d be dining high? Well, let’s just say that this apple doesn’t fall too far from that tree. Fangweng Restaurant in Yichang, China is the perfect combination between blending the natural environment seamlessly with human development. The restaurant; which serves a variety of Bento foods, established itself originally as located in front of the caves on a nearby cliff face. However, with the increasing number of people coming in, they decided to change the position of the actual restaurant and set up within the actual tourist attraction—problem was, the actual tourist attraction is suspended quite some distance into the air…on the side of a mountain nonetheless. Our dailyWOW media team covered a story on the restaurant in April of 2018. Check it out above!



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Author: Gerald Wan Anyi 

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