Got some time in your day for a fresh fade? This Indian barbershop will hook you up on one fiery condition— they will literally set it on fire! Hair burning is no new technique; Faizan, who is the head hair stylist at N Rich Beauty Salon in New Dehli has been utilizing it for 4 years, creating a style and texture that maintains the shape as it is without any extra need for hairspray. The technique itself is very popular in regions all across the world, ranging from the blazes of South America to the fiery pits of South Asia. Some may even say that it offers a better alternative towards the electric powered hair clippers. This hair stylist will certainly leave you hot headed, but in the best way possible!

This kind of hairstyling utilizes a series of methods and techniques, starting with the use of a flammable powder that is firmly applied towards the hair.  A lit candle is then used to set it on fire, all the while being combed and shaped into the style of choice. The combination of the moulding and the lit hair causes it to stay in place  while at the same time maintaining the suave style of choice requested by the customer. While some may argue that hair products like wax, hairspray, and gel are much safer and more reliable, hair burning negates the need for any of that and just relies on the natural flame and texture of your hair to obtain the look.

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